Life Stage Groups

Life Stage Groups are oriented around age categories and common life stages. 

Groups can consist of Youth Life Groups, ladies, mens, newly married couples, those in retirement, bereavement groups and so forth. They are a good way of meeting people who are in a similar season of life and wish to navigate it together. 

Not all the groups listed above happen all in one term nor all on the same day but invariably happen during different terms throughout the year.

Please register your interest in our groups on a Sunday at Connects church Gathering, at one of our weekly drop ins or by calling the connect office. 

TERM TWO 2018 JUNE 11th - JULY 29th

Ladies Social Life Group

Tuesdays 7:30pm onwards

ladies social.jpg

The ladies social life group is being hosted and ran by Esther and Tash and there’s a series of social happenings such as

Movies and wine


Coffee and Pudding



The first Tuesday is a Bake Off special at Esther’s house. Please contact Connect office for further details. There’re limited spaces so be quick to register your interest.


Tuesday or Wednesdays

Youth Life group.jpeg

If you’re aged 11-16 this is the the group for you. A great place to meet other young people exploring faith in a chilled place with great youth leaders. 

Youth Life Group is at Jason and Judy's house so please call the Connect Centre office for further details.