Homegrown Vegetable Boxes Now Available

The team and residents at the Dairy House have worked hard at the gardening project and are ready to sell their first harvest! These vegetables are locally sustainable produce with a big heart for the community and low carbon footprint.

You will be able to get a bag full of your choice of vegetables for £5 from Elim Connect Centre after the morning service (approx 12 midday). A huge range of freshly produced vegetables from our dairy house including potatoes, green beans, and pumpkin will be available for your choosing.

Most sundays veg boxes will be available that will directly aid the work that Elim Connect Centre does to support those who battle with homelessness and complex lifestyle issues.

This is a partnership journey for the guys and the plants who tend, water and nurture them to help rebuild their own lives.

if you would like to order a regular box, please leave your details in the office – you will get alot for £5!