Connect Kids

Fun filled activities for all children whilst making friends!

What is Connect Kids?

Connect Kids is more than a Sunday School! We are passionate about every child growing their confidence – confidence with their friends, families, opinions, outlook on school, life, future…  And of course we want them to know that God thinks they are great and wants to help them in every area of life. That’s why every Sunday, from 10.30 to 12 noon, we have an exciting program of games, stories, crafts, discussion, songs… to help every child feel they belong and are part of something truly brilliant.

Who is it for?

For any kids in primary school, basically 4 to 11 year olds. But don’t forget we also have Connect Creche for 0 – 3s and Connect Youth for 12+. Some clubs or groups are hard to join right? Not Connect Kids – we make sure the opposite is true. When you come for the first time, we promise not to embarrass you or make you feel like the ‘newbee’. Our aim is to make every kid feel like they have been coming for ages, and can straight away get on with enjoying themselves! Can parents stay? No! We have very good safety policies which do not allow adults who are not checked and approved members of the team to attend. This is to give all parents and their kids peace of mind. However, you are of course welcome to stay in the room next door, where our adult church congregation meet every Sunday at exactly the same time, 10.30 – 12 noon.

What do the kids learn?

Well, it’s not school! So the focus is more on ‘being’ than ‘learning’. We want the kids to be safe with friends, be creative, be able to ask questions, be encouraged to discover what they’re really good at… Some of the themes we explore include: Friendship, Talents, People in other countries, School, Poverty, Respect…

Want to find out more?

So, how do you find out more? The best way is to come along, drop your kids, and then ask them! We find kids have a lot of fun, and leave feeling more positive about their life, friends, family and school. We have 15 people on the Connect Kids team (each week teams of 2 to 4 lead the group) all who have been DBS checked and receive regular training and support. If you or your kids have any question, we’d love to hear them – you can email the Connect Centre [make Connect Centre an email link] office, and we’ll get back to you asap. When you come on Sunday morning – just turn up at 10.30 and ask for one of the children's team and they will here ready to welcome you and your children.