About Our Centre

More than a community building, the Elim Connect Centre is about the discovery of hope, meaning and strength through the connecting of our lives. Established in 2008, the centre is a multi-purpose facility for the whole community. At the hub is the commitment and means to develop effective relationships between people and organisations to make a difference in Wells and beyond.

The Elim Connect Centre offers a vast range of multi-purpose rooms and facilities to suit most needs.

From large conferences to one-on-one counselling; group sessions to exercise classes the Connect Centre offers the space and flexibility. All main rooms are fully equipped, air conditioned and easily accessible. On-site catering and hospitality options are available.

Connect Elim offer affordable pricing including subsidised rates for charities and not-for-profit groups. See ‘Hire’ for more details.


Booth Room

Approx size: 12m²
Capacity: 6 people

The Booth Room is suitable as a small meeting / counselling room with soft and hard furnishing. It is also an IT suite with five internet-ready PCs, laser printer and LCD television.

The Booth Room is adjacent to the Müller Room and when used together offers ideal breakout or private space.

Foley Room

Approx size: 100m²
Capacity: 80 seated, 100 standing

The Foley Room is a large multi-purpose space, suited to any number of activities including conferencing, dining, workshops, low level sports, exhibitions etc – with or without chairs and tables.

The air conditioned Foley Room benefits from lots of natural light, with french doors that lead to an outdoor area that is ideal for breakout space.

The room is connected via a serving hatch to our main kitchen making it an excellent venue for relaxed dining.

Muller top section (2).JPG

Muller Room

Approx size: 100m² (plus Kitchen: 8m²)
Capacity: 50-70 people

The Müller Room is a great multi-purpose space, ideally suited to all-age group and social scenarios with dividable space. The room comes kitted out with a mixture of soft and hard furnishing, plus games activities (pool, table tennis etc) which can be arranged flexibly.

Adjacent to the main space is a kitchen area with serving ‘breakfast’ bar and stools, and the Booth Room (small meeting room and IT suite).

Hannah More Hall

Hannah More Hall

Approx size: 150m²
Capacity: 120 dinning room capacity

The Hannah More Hall is a great multi-purpose space and it is the largest room at Connect. There is a small 2x2 stage enabling good line of sight for presentations and is equipped with x2 65 inch television screens for all your presentational needs. The stage is able to move to 3 different locations ensuring the best arrangement for your event. 

The room is bright, warm and welcoming and offers a variety of set ups such as panoramic, cafe, dining and more traditional meeting style lay out. 


Barnabas Room

Approx size: 12m²
Capacity: 8 people

The Small Meeting Room is a calm and relaxing space, suitable as a small meeting / counselling room with soft and hard furnishing.